FLSA Compliance Current Status Assessment



If not satisfy with your current compliance status - read on. Below we have compiled a questionnaire to help you evaluate your situation and measure strong and weaker sides of your process. Based on the results you will focus your efforts on most critical areas of compliance.

Jurisdictions and Organization

  • Do you have at least 10,000 employees?
  • Do you have operations in multiple states (at least 10)?
  • Do you have multiple store/shops/locations across US (at least 100)?
  • Are most of your employee work less than 32 hours/week?
  • Are most of your employee paid hourly?
  • Do you employ minors under 18?
  • Do you employ minors under 16?


  • Can you identify employees who work on average under 30 hours/week?
  • Can you identify employees who work on average over 40 hours/week?
  • Can you identify employees who work in state of CA? NY? CO? RI? PR?
  • Can you configure your T&A system to account for state specific FLSA rules?
  • Can you verify that payroll process has paid off libilities for last pay period? For last month? For last year?
  • Can you see the report of current FLSA state regulations?
  • Can you easily update and implement recent changes FLSA state regulations?
  • Can you report on employee who work in states which require compensation for missed/short meal break?
  • Can you report on stores which are subject to report-to-work rules?
  • Can analyze and report FLSA incidents trends by state? By store?
  • How much time it takes to generate all above-mentioned reports?
  • How many people involved in the process of report generation?


  • Are you being audited by federal   and/or state DoL often and have to pay penalties?   
  • Have you   been sued within last 3 years?   
  • Have your T&A data been subpoened for discovery?   
  • Have you   been notified about pending class action certification or subject to 29   U.S.C. § 216(b)?   
  • Are you under legal proceedings now?    



In current business and regulatory environment audits are inevitable. We cannot prevent perfect storm. But we definitely can prepare for it and weather it out.

Let us run diagnostics on your Time and Attendance data, identify level of compliance and develop strategy to manage risk.

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