FLSA collective actions suites filed most frequently

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938; 29.U.S.C §203

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Our company is a veteran in Data Management and Analytics. Being heavily involved in the industry, spending countless hours to identify non-compliance incidents, we finally came up with the process to automate FLSA compliance. Our ramp up process is designed to empower business teams and outfit them with the tool they need to successfully manage complexity of federal and state regulations. 

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Our Tool


Our tool helps to protect your company from FLSA class action suites, which resulting in multi-million settlements. 

Most of FLSA non-compliance incident create fiscal liability. If detected in timely manner and paid off appropriately with payroll, the risk of class action is averted.

Our tool is flexible, scalable and efficient solution for managing FLSA Compliance by HR professionals, encapsulating technicalities into intuitive and easy to use analytical and reporting interfaces.


The tool does not utilize statistics – it identifies records in your data, which match the criteria set forth in federal and state FLSA regulation and send this records to your payroll application. The data is processed by your payroll application. The reports are generated to clearly present the incidents, criteria and corresponding payments, thus discharging the liability.  


Analytics allows you to improve operation by addressing the root causes of incidents, improve policies, streamline procedures and implement best practices.

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Business experts are key—that’s why when it comes to serving our client, we dedicate all our time and efforts to assure customer's success.  Whether you’re seeking to build compliance system on premises or looking for System as a Service (SaaS) arrangement, call us today. 

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